Saturday, May 23, 2009

Interesting articles about technology and educaiton

I like how Ferdig’s editorial, Examining social software in teacher education, breaks down how the social networking sights can be used in the education process. She mentions how it can create opportunities for collaborative and cooperative learning. Although she acknowledges the negative points of social software on education and that such software is not necessarily new, she thinks that there is much research that needs to be done on the subject in relation to education.

Kajewski’s article, Emerging technologies changing public library service delivery models, explains in depth the various new web technologies and how they can be utilized by the library system. It is interesting how many of these technologies such as podcasts and blogging, are used to promote the library and its resources.

Bolan, Canada, and Cullin’s feature, Web, library, and teen services 2.0, is very similar to Kajewski’s article, but with an emphasis on the teen market. Like both previous mentioned articles it mentions using video games as a teaching tool.

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  1. I like the idea of the libraries introducing the new types of technology. The idea of the standard library is pretty much going to be a thing of the past here soon. Getting people interested in reading a book is a struggle, but if we can tie in new types of technology maybe that will change.