Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Del.icio.us is another website I knew nothing about. I am actually not a big fan of bookmarking or tagging, but I can see how this can be helpful, especially in the long term. There are so many sights out there that can be forgotten, using del.icio.us is a good way to store and organize websites in a place where you know you can find them. Tagging help categorize all these websites. As an instructor, you can use this to seperate sites about different subjects, topics, and units. Maybe you find a bunch of Edgar Allen Poe sites for your English lesson one year, but decide not to teach him the next. If you tagged him with "horror", or "american authors", you will find a ton of resources on him in the click of a button. I like how it can be assessed from anywhere, so you are not a slave to your computer.

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